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Sherwood Oaks Film School

Who is Sherwood Oaks?

Unlock Hollywood’s Secrets with Sherwood Oaks Film School

🌟 Legacy Since 1970
Hollywood’s heritage resides in Sherwood Oaks. Moreover, our history has shaped the industry, making us an essential part of Hollywood’s narrative.

Why Sherwood Oaks?

🤝 Connect with industry icons since 1970. Additionally, gain unparalleled access to Hollywood professionals and collaborate with creatives shaping the industry today.

What Sets Sherwood Oaks Apart?

💬 What the Pros Say…
Gary Solomon highlights, “Sherwood Oaks provides a unique opportunity to interact with industry influencers.” He emphasizes its role in his own education, stating, “I LEARNED the entertainment business by going to Sherwood Oaks,” echoing sentiments shared by Darryl Marshak. Mark Fergus underscores the school’s significance, stating, “Hollywood is always looking for the next voice, the next person with a unique story.”

In addition to these testimonials, Sherwood Oaks Film School was a trailblazer, introducing the innovative one-sheet method. This pioneering approach has proven invaluable in the industry, providing students with a powerful tool for showcasing their projects effectively.

During its prime, Sherwood Oaks stood out as the most successful film school, gaining recognition and acknowledgment in notable publications. Wikipedia, a reputable source, noted Sherwood Oaks as a leader in film education. Moreover, the school’s impact reached the broader public, with a featured article in People Magazine’s October 1977 issue, solidifying its status as a prominent institution in the world of entertainment education.

Previous Alumni

We take pride in our esteemed alumni, and one notable figure is Lucille Ball. Formerly known as Sherwood Oaks Experimental College until 2000, Sherwood Oaks Film School has garnered recognition from industry legends like Lucille Ball.

As the instructor of a Comedy Seminar at Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, Lucille Ball attests to the admirable job the school has done in providing a valuable program of Film Education to interest artists and professional filmmakers. The director, Gary Shusett, has brought some of the top artists in the industry to the school, and Sherwood Oaks holds a high level of credibility among the film community.

“I support the program at Sherwood Oaks and feel that any support provided to the school will be well-placed.” Sincerely, Lucille Ball

Success Stories

🌟 Alumni Spotlight: Autumn McAlpin

As a screenwriter and director, Autumn McAlpin used Sherwood Oaks’ techniques to option her film “Waffle House.” Notably, her film screened on Amazon and Hulu and was even featured in a CNN article. Impressively, she achieved five writing credits within four years, and additionally, wrote and directed “Look For a Few Minor Distractions.” Witness the success Sherwood Oaks can bring to your Hollywood journey!

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