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What Makes Sherwood Oaks Film School Special?


… our HUGE list of past — and current — famous teachers, alumni and guests going back all the way to our beginnings in 1970.

… our history is part of what MADE Hollywood!

… our students who collaborate with creatives in the industry TODAY! 

What the Pros Say…

“Sherwood Oaks is essential because it takes a person who has no chance of interacting with someone who matters in the business and it gives them that chance.”
~ Gary Solomon

“I LEARNED the entertainment business by going to Sherwood Oaks.”
~ Darryl Marshak

“The thing about Hollywood is they are always looking for the next voice, they are always looking for the next person who tells them a story they’ve never seen before.”
~ Mark Fergus: Iron Man Oscar-nominated Writer

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Autumn McAlpin

Screenwriter and Director

Using Sherwood Oaks’ one-sheet technique, Autumn optioned her film Waffle House at a Sherwood Oaks seminar. The film screened on Amazon and Hulu, and was featured in a CNN article. Despite a busy life with four children, Autumn achieved five writing credits within only four-years. She’s also both written and directed Look For a Few Minor Distractions. Waiting to see what success is next for Sherwood Oaks alumni, Autumn McAlpin.

Hilliard Guess

WGA Member
Hilliard Guess is well-established in Hollywood. He’s a member of the Writers Guild Association (WGA) and sits on several committees. Guess not only writes and acts, he also directs. He heads his own production company, Hilldog Productions on THE LOT Studios in West Hollywood. Guess often returns to Sherwood Oak as a speaker and a mentor other students. We are so proud of Hilliard!!
Photo: Bonnie Osborne

Bruce B. Gordon

Cannes Film Festival

Director, screenwriter, producer, editor and songwriter
Working at Aaron Spelling Productions in accounting, Bruce decided to explore his creative side. At Sherwood Oaks he discovered insight into the creative process while meeting contacts, catapulting his creativity to a new level.  As CEO of Bruce Gordon Media, he directed his award-winning short film, Whole ‘Nother Level, selected for the Cannes Film Festival.  Bruce returns to teach and share his insight with Sherwood Oaks students.

Joany Kane

Genre Screenwriter

Sherwood Oaks Alumnus and genre writer Joany Kane has had an unstoppable trajectory in Hollywood.  Joany Kane focuses on the niche genre of Christmas films. Along with a bit of Sherwood Oaks insight and her extraordinary amount of talent, Joany wrote nine films – all produced and shown by Hallmark and ION.  We are honored to name her as one of Sherwood Oak’s recent successful alumni.

Megan Johnson

Director and Screenwriter

“Sherwood Oaks introduced me to Alexia Melocchi owner and producer of Little Studio Films at a Sherwood Oaks class… to Stealing Roses star John Heard (who also starred in Home Alone) and to Cindy Williams who starred in Laverne & Shirley.”

Mark Mahon

Film Director & International Sherwood Oaks Student

“Thanks to Sherwood Oaks, I met Richard Chamberlain and Michael Madsen and got my film made, Strength and Honor. I was fortunate to be on the Today Show and have over 18 wins and 32 nominations. I am working on two more projects. William Morris has asked me if I would like representation. Thank you Gary Shusett!”

Claire V. Riley

Screenwriter with Theatrical Distribution!

Sherwood Oaks Alumnus, Claire V. Riley is a comedy screenwriter specializing in heart-felt, female lead-driven comedies. After attending Sherwood Oaks, Claire wrote The Perfect Family, a film starring academy-award nominee Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, Richard Chamberlain and Jason Ritter. The Perfect Family premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and in theatres in both LA and NYC. US Theatrical distribution is one of the hardest thing to achieve in Hollywood.  Congratulations to Claire!

Chris Billett

Book Author and Screenwriter

Chris Billett came to Sherwood Oaks’ “Agent and Manager Seminar” and immediately garnered representation – a rarity in Hollywood.  Chris worked on screen projects with Sherwood Oaks’ speaker, Gale Ann Hurd, mega-producer of such films as Terminator-Genisys.

Michael Yuen

WGA Screenwriter

UCLA engineer and Sherwood Oaks alumnus Michael Yuen has achieved enormous success in Hollywood. After attending multiple Sherwood Oaks seminars, Michael landed a CAA agent, and won best pitch for a feature film at Sundance Producers Conference. Michael sold his script Spaghetti Vs. Noodle to a powerful Hollywood producer and was accepted into the prestigious Writers Guild of America.

Michael Duke

Producer and Director

“Sherwood Oaks has propelled my career, Hitman for Hire, my proposed film, was recently in the press and I am working on my next TV series! Thanks Sherwood Oaks for the Hollywood insight and amazing contacts.”

Sherwood Oaks Famous Alumni & Teachers: 1971 – 2024

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Discover the captivating stories and extraordinary journeys of individuals who found their breakthrough in the entertainment industry through Sherwood Oaks courses. Among our illustrious alumni is Sylvester Stallone, who penned the iconic “Rocky” during his time with us. We take pride in not only having him as a celebrated graduate but also as a dedicated teacher who has returned to impart his wisdom to Sherwood Oaks students. Stallone, renowned for his acting prowess, is also a passionate writer, exemplified by his commitment to writing every day, even if it’s just two words – FADE IN.
Join us on a journey where creativity and success converge, fueled by the shared experiences of industry legends and aspiring talents alike.

What Happens In Sherwood Oaks Film School Classes?

Embark on a unique cinematic journey with Sherwood Oaks, where for nearly half a century, we’ve curated immersive one to four-day courses. In these intimate sessions, small groups engage directly with Hollywood professionals, delving into the methods and techniques that propelled their careers to success. As a Sherwood Oaks student, you not only gain invaluable insights but also unlock access to our extensive industry contact lists. Nowhere else on the globe offers such a remarkable opportunity for personal access and creative collaboration with accomplished film industry professionals, all within a modest investment of both time and money. Seize the chance to be part of this unparalleled experience and elevate your understanding of the entertainment industry.

Who Is Sherwood Oaks Film School For?


Are you even the slightest bit interested in any aspect of the film industry? Then Sherwood Oaks Film School is for YOU.

Embark on a thrilling cinematic odyssey with Sherwood Oaks Film School, where our seminars transcend the ordinary to cover every facet of the entertainment industry. Whether your passion lies in crafting compelling scripts, delivering captivating performances, or mastering the art of filmmaking, our courses are meticulously designed to ignite your creativity and propel your projects to dazzling new heights.

Breaking into Hollywood’s intricate network may seem like a distant dream, with professionals often shielded behind security walls or immersed in exclusive events. However, Sherwood Oaks Film School offers you an exclusive key to unlock direct access to industry titans who have forged their path to success.

Picture yourself in our deliberately small classes, where personal connections and collaborative learning take center stage. Engage in intimate conversations with industry leaders, receive tailor-made advice for your projects, and seize the opportunity to pitch directly to top-level professionals. It’s not just an educational experience; it’s a captivating journey where inspiration meets hands-on mentorship.

Sherwood Oaks is more than a school; it’s a vibrant community of passionate creatives united by a shared love for storytelling. Our speakers, once aspiring like you, now relish the chance to unwind and engage in creative brainstorming. It’s an environment where dreams are nurtured, and connections spark the magic that defines Hollywood.

If you yearn for an up-close and personal encounter with the heartbeat of the industry, Sherwood Oaks Film School is your exclusive gateway. Join us for an unforgettable experience where creativity flourishes, collaborations thrive, and the allure of Hollywood’s creative epicenter becomes your reality. Your journey to cinematic success begins here—step into the extraordinary world of Sherwood Oaks.


Familiarity creates recognition. Attend seminars often… become well-known as an upcoming creative!

Questions? Write… we will answer!

To stay informed about upcoming Sherwood Oaks classes, we encourage you to share your email and contact details with us. Our class schedules are designed to be flexible, accommodating the busy agendas of our industry-professional teachers. The spontaneity of our class arrangements means that there’s often a short window—typically less than three weeks—between a teacher confirming their availability and the class commencement.

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