Disclaimers & Expectations


Sometimes you just never know what to expect.

To ensure everyone’s expectations are in alignment, please read the following if you intend to take a class with us.

No Affiliation

Sherwood Oaks Film School is not affiliated with any studio. Sherwood Oaks holds classes in studios such as, Warner Bros, Fox Studios, NBC Universal Studios, Paramount, Disney/ABC Studios, Sony Studios and more. We do not guarantee that any studio executive, producer, performer or other individuals working at the studio will be present at any Sherwood Oaks course, or that you will have access to any studio offices or specific production sets.

Speakers Never Guaranteed!

Sherwood Oaks Film School invites working Hollywood professionals to teach and guest speak at our courses. Due to their hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedules, no teacher or guest is ever guaranteed to appear. If we state that a guest is going to appear, then they  or their representative confirmed they would participate. If there is a misunderstanding or an unavoidable change in a teacher or guest’s calendar and they are unable to appear, we sincerely apologize.

Most of the professionals we book DO show up. We have had hundreds of famous professionals over the last 50 years that have taught courses or been guest speakers. Sherwood Oaks does commit to 5 guests per day on average, so a 3 day course will have 15 speakers.

Our Prices & Your Access Not Guaranteed

We reserve the right to raise prices at any time to cover unexpected costs. We also reserve the right to demand that a student leave without reimbursement if they are disrupting the class or harassing a speaker. We may ban a student from Sherwood Oaks for two years or more for harassing a speaker after the conclusion of a course (uninvited visits, mailings, emails or phone calls).

Most students and all our professional teachers and guests truly appreciate the aformentioned  policies. The only bad review was received from a student who was banned. They called a guest who was a studio head asking when their movie would be made. This unprofessional behavior reflects badly on our school and guarantees the student will not work with that studio.

We Try To Be Perfect

…but we are not perfect all the time. Please Contact us if you find errors or omissions on our site.

Your Professionalism is Expected

We at Sherwood Oaks work very hard to ensure our course experiences are beneficial to both our students and our guest professionals.

We have three goals:
1) Our students meet the best professionals in Hollywood.
2) Our professional guests can discover fresh, new material from our students and speak individually with each student.
3) Our courses take place in professional settings that are open, trusting and respectful.

Our reputation of successfully meeting these goals is dependent on YOUR professionalism. Everyone is very busy — courtesy and patience are required. Manners matter.

Success is Not Guaranteed

Just like any school, Sherwood Oaks does not guarantee success in Hollywood or that you will get representation during one of our courses or classes. However, Sherwood Oaks’ alumni success track record over the last 50 years is extremely impressive – especially when considering the low dollar course tuition investment. Please read our alumni testimonials. We have not found another school in the world that has the same track record of alumni Hollywood success stories.

Several producers and Hollywood executives recruit almost exclusively from Sherwood Oaks.  They appreciate the professional approach we teach our students, our  dedication to developing each student’s talents and our ability to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the professional teachers and guests.

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All of our classes, due to the availability of the instructors, are scheduled kind of “last minute.” Almost all of our instructors that we get are not able to commit more than 3 weeks in advance. So when we get ready to schedule a class, if you are not on our mailing list, you will most likely NOT be notified in time to register.


Responsible emailing, limited outreach for real events only, and you can opt out at any time.

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