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Logline class: Your deep dive

A logline is the most important part of your pitch. The significance of a robust logline cannot be overstated—it serves as the bedrock for the entire script. A compelling logline has the power to captivate agents, actors, directors, and producers, propelling your script into the spotlight.

In this class, you will discover the pivotal role a well-crafted logline plays in shaping, refining, and ultimately selling your screenplay. Whether you have penned a single page, a full-length feature, or even authored a book, this course is designed to guide you in honing your concept. Through the scrutiny of renowned loglines, utilization of templates, and adherence to proven structures that resonate with industry professionals, you’ll gain insights into crafting a logline that stands out.

The art lies not only in what to include but also in what to omit from your logline. This class delves into the intricate skill of sculpting language that communicates the emotional journey and essence of your story, equipping you with tools to write, revise, and transform your screenplay into a marketable masterpiece.


Only your story concept is required; no script necessary! Whether your idea is just a spark or fully formed, this class welcomes storytellers at any stage. Join us to craft a compelling logline and elevate your narrative.

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