Killer Loglines Workshop


Loglines make or break your screenplay.
Your logline is the most important part of your pitch. It determines if you will hook your audience – or not.

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The workshop commences with a concise logline recap (in-depth exploration begins in the logline class), followed by a focused examination of each participant’s logline/concept. Each participant receives a 15-minute one-on-one review with feedback from the instructor. To maximize the benefit of your review, it is highly recommended to submit your logline concept to the instructor before the workshop begins. With a limited capacity of 6 participants, the workshop ensures undivided one-on-one attention, allowing others to listen and gain insights.

A logline, a 25-word summary encapsulating your main character, central conflict, and, if applicable, your antagonist, serves as a clear and concise teaser. Crafting a powerful logline is pivotal in ensuring your script gets noticed and forms the cornerstone of your pitch. Mastery in logline writing comes with practice.

After putting in the hard work of writing your script, now is the time to learn the essential skill of crafting a logline that captivates and entices producers unfamiliar with your work. Seize this opportunity to create a logline that sparks the interest of potential readers.

Why Take the Workshop?

Turn your confusing loglines to clear works of art!
Take your wordy loglines to concise masterpieces!
Make a mediocre logline into something great!

Who Should Attend the Killer Loglines Workshop?

Beginner screenwriters testing an idea or concept
Advanced screenwriters fine-tuning their finished script
Authors interested in converting book(s) into a movie or a series



“There is a lot of back-and-forth. The instructor got me to open up about the show and the pitch. Christine got me to think about aspects of my pitch I hadn’t previously considered. Christine is very good at analyzing a pitch. She really takes her time and helps you think about what your pitch is really lacking.”
— Andrew Orillion

“I enjoyed the small and the thoughtful feedback. The one-on-one coaching made my logline more intriguing.”
— Lauren Craig

“Whittling down a complex story to a single sentence. Christine devoted a lot of time to each participant. She was genuinely interested in helping each person. Christine gives you her undivided attention while in the class and continues to help after the class is over. You definitely gets your money’s worth.”
— Paul Rodriguez

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