One-Sheet: A Proven Sherwood Oaks Film School Method

A One-Sheet: Your Hollywood Calling Card

The One-Sheet has become the most essential script-selling tool, yet many writers are unfamiliar with it.
We’ve assembled some very useful information available here to help you make the best first impression!

The Evolution of the One-Sheet Method at Sherwood Oaks

Over 17 years ago, Sherwood Oaks, also known as MeetHollywoodExecs, pioneered the One-Sheet method as a strategic response to the challenge of scripts going unread. Recognizing that the time investment required to read a script, approximately 90 minutes, was a significant deterrent, and acknowledging the industry’s genre-specific preferences, we sought a more efficient approach for our students’ success.

The “One-Sheet” emerged as a solution to succinctly convey a script’s essence and meet the needs of Hollywood professionals swiftly. This term has now become commonplace in Hollywood vernacular.

In essence, a One-Sheet (single or double-sided) is a concise document condensing your concept into one page (8.5″ x 11″). Think of it as an actor’s headshot with a resume on the back. We recommend a synopsis or summary of approximately 25 words (logline), ensuring every word counts. For those with two compelling ideas, a double-sided sheet accommodates one idea, concept, or script on each side.

Screenwriters and filmmakers incorporate their contact information and, at times, an image that encapsulates a potential film.

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*Note: Kindly bring 25 One-Sheets to each seminar for optimal engagement.

Unveiling the Allure of the One-Sheet: Crafting Cinematic Magic

What’s Inside a One-Sheet?

Genre: Immerse your screenplay in the allure of horror, comedy, drama, thriller, or action – setting the stage for an irresistible cinematic journey.

Title: Infuse your script with the captivating essence of its name, making it stand out in the vast sea of stories.

Synopsis: Unleash the power of a logline – a 25-word teaser that captivates hearts and minds.

Detailed Description: Dive into a 100-to-200-word narrative, weaving a spellbinding tale that lingers in the minds of industry professionals.

Contact Information: Flaunt your credentials and showcase the brilliance of contest-winning screenplays.

Optional Image:* Elevate your One-Sheet with a professional and memorable visual, leaving an indelible mark.

Examples in Action:

Sample loglines/synopses:

(1) “A determined blonde airhead goes to Harvard Law School, challenging stereotypes and proving her legal prowess.”
– Legally Blonde’s Logline/Synopsis
(2) “A young boy with a lightning-shaped scar discovers he’s a wizard and must face the dark wizard who killed his parents.”
– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
(3) “An extraterrestrial stranded on Earth befriends a young boy and attempts to return home, evading government agents along the way.”
– E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
(4) “A washed-up superhero comes out of retirement to save the world from a new threat, but faces internal conflicts and public skepticism.”
– The Incredibles

Explore Diverse Genres:

Embark on a journey through storytelling realms:

Drama: Unveil the nuances of realistic storytelling and character development.

Comedy: Craft laughter-infused narratives with humor and comedic brilliance.

Action: Showcase intense sequences of physical feats and movement.

Adventure: Lead characters on thrilling journeys and perilous quests.

Thriller: Build suspense, mystery, and a sense of impending doom.

Horror: Evoke fear through supernatural or psychological elements.

…and more, each a gateway to unparalleled creative expression.

Navigating Genres: Your Pathway to Triumph:

Discover the most accessible genres for budding screenwriters – horror and thriller (with limited locations). Uncover the challenges of historical or period pieces, the intricate tales that demand unwavering creativity.

For Deeper Insights:

Unlock the secrets of cinematic success with a personalized consultation. Contact us to embark on a journey where the One-Sheet becomes your passport to triumph.


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